About the Artist

I have been painting murals now for over 20 years (I started young)

My first murals were simple cartoon characters for our family owned shoe shop in Wickford, Essex (my home town) and from there I progressed onto projects for friends & family.

On leaving school with a handfull of O' & A' Levels (including art of course) I embarked on a career in retail management with a large national retailer.

I eventually ended up back in the education system, this time at the Southend-on-Sea School of Art & Design and then on to the University of North London to study Interior Design (mind you it was a polytechnic back then).

I kept my mural painting going throughout all this and managed to get a lot of work in shopping centres painting numerous hoardings - I also painteda lot of Santa's Grottos which was great fun.

I am a completely self taught muralist which, considering I hated painting at school, is a bit of an achievement. I basically used books on mural & trompe l'oeil painting to help me along and gradually developed my own style and way of doing things - having a particular love of the use of perspective.

A few years ago I was given the opportunity to produce an instruction book of painting trompe l'oeil called ' Trompe L'Oeil Interiors ' and then less than a year later was given another opportunity to produce a follow up book called the ' Trompe L'Oeil Bible ' ( the title was not my decision ). With these books I aimed to help budding muralists like I was myself all those (many) years ago.

I have also been fortunate to demonstrate my painting on television for programmes on Channel 4, UK Style, ITV1 and BBC1.

I work in a variety of styles on commissions from restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, businesses and private homes.

I will more than happy to discuss your requirements without obligation and provide preliminary sketches thereafter.

Get in touch and give me a challenge.


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