Commissioning a Trompe L'Oeil Mural

How the process works, and what you can expect.

Stage 1 - Initial Contact

This will normally be a telephone conversation. You may already have some ideas or a theme in mind that we can discuss.
One suggestion is to collect photographs, magazine clippings etc.. to help form your ideas.

Stage 2 - Meeting & Consultation

This will usually mean meeting at the site you wish the mural to be painted.
I will bring along my portfolio and maybe some reference material that I feel relevant to the ideas we may have already discussed.

I make no charge for such consultations but in some cases, especially if there is a significant distance involved (I am based in Essex) I would expect the client to bear the cost of my expenses

Stage 3 - The Estimate

Should you like my work and wish to commission me then I will require a 100 "booking fee" - this is to cover time spent drawing up roughs, discussion time and other planning.

At this stage I can only give an estimate as a guideline (but a reasonable one) as ideas do change & evolve in such a subjective area.

Stage 4 - Design & Quotation

I will then produce some preliminary designs and a firm quotation that I will send on to you.

Once we are agreed on a design I will require a signed approval and a deposit at least one month before agreed start date.

The deposit that I require is the customary non-returnable deposit of a sum that is 1/3 of the quoted price (less the 100 "booking fee"). This is to cover the finalisation of the design, purchasing of materials and a retaining fee to book my time for the period necessary for the work. (special equipment, scaffolding etc.. will be seperately negotiated)

Commissions that are expected to take three weeks or more will require a further 1/3 sum at an agreed halfway stage.

Stage 5 - Preparation

I can arrange for my approved decorators to do this, but it can be done out of my hands and I can provide full instructions for this.

Stage 6 - The Mural

Once the design is finalised and the walls ready, I can start painting your mural !

Stage 7 - Final Payment

The final balancing payment, either 1/3 or 2/3 of the quoted price, is payable on the completion of the mural.

I work in a variety of styles on commissions from restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, businesses and private homes.

Get in touch and give me a challenge.

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