Classical Themes

The architecture of classical Greece & Rome left an enduring legacy that was embraced and enhanced
by the artisans of the Renaissance who admired the grace & proportion of the Classical style.
The decorative styles of 18th & 19th century homes often drew on classical conventions

Trompe l'oeil techniques can add architectural distinction to a plain interior by creating
the illusion of carved pediments over doorways, stone blocking, panelling amd mouldings.

Classical detailing can be incorporated into a painted vista, such as a balustrade to frame the view,
or a crumbling ruin in the distance.

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Roman Fresco

Roman Fresco

gothic swimming pool

Gothic Ruins

canvas murals

Classical Scene

greek view

Grecian View

sappho faux effect


knossus fresco murals

Knossos Dolphins


Urn with Champagne

parrot trompe l'oeil

Night-time Scene

provence trompe l'oeil

Gothic Arch

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