Mural Suggestions - Room by Room

The Bedroom

This is the ideal room to indulge in a bit of fantasy as this is a personal space and not a communal one like a lounge or kitchen.

Maybe a balcony with balustrades overlooking a moonlit horizon softened with some delicate drapery would be a suggestion.

Also consider the ceiling - a light & airy sky with wispy pinky grey clouds would be ideal, maybe even include some cherubs or birds in flight. The ideal vantage point of course will be from lying on the bed and looking up.

Another idea would be to use the bed as a focal point and have a decorative motif painted above the headboard.
Organic and free flowing forms would be ideal, have a look at the Art Nouveau style around the turn of the 20th century for inspiration. This could be combined with a subtle colour-wash in a complimentary colour.

The Bathroom

Unless the bathroom is of a considerable size there is unlikely to much in the way of available wall space to play around with. Coupled with this, at least some of the wall space will be tilled, especially around the wet areas.

If this is the case maybe you should consider something small & decorative and maybe pick one area to use as a focal point.
One idea would be a decorative framework surrounding the mirror above the basin, especially if the mirror is plain and has no ornate framework. Different styles would work here you may wish to incorporate a marine theme maybe with a painted mosaic of fish, crabs & other sea creatures.

You could also have something painted along a Rococo style and incorporate shells & pebbles in a painted framework.

If you feel you have adequate wall space then consider having something painted like the famous leaping dolphins fresco from the Palace of Knossos in Crete.
To add an extra dimension and antiquity to this mural it can be painted as if it is a real crumbling fresco with the old plaster cracking and falling away in places.

If you have lots of wall space to play around with then why not theme the decoration to look like an ancient Roman spa perhaps with a trompe l'oeil painted view of a classical temple reflected in water.
Maybe incorporate fluted or Doric columns and use twisting ivy to soften the edges. Use of cool blues, jades and greens for the landscape will make for a relaxing scene whilst you have a long soak.

Children's Rooms

Children are inclined to be extremely fickle so I would advise caution if you wish to have painted anything that could be described as a fad.
I would therefore give serious thought about having anything painted that includes popular cartoons & characters of the day unless you can be certain your child will still like the mural for at least two or three years before they are demanding that it be repainted.

A good old fashioned tried & tested scheme may work better and will give more longevity, you need to think about the child growing up in the room so avoid making the scheme too childish.

I suggest themes like Treasure Island, outer space, a jungle or safari scene. These themes could then suggest ways to furnish & accessorise the room.
Maybe an African Savanna scene could be combined with a sand colour carpet and some large cuddly elephants or lions, perhaps the bed could even have a mosquito net.

For very young children and babies it is a bit easier.
A nursery would need to be a calming environment, not so much for the baby but for the parents. Therefore I suggest some simple scenes with teddy bears & rabbits for example, painted like vignettes in a watercolour style.
Such designs could be placed around the room and could even tell a story like pages from a book.

Or how about some painted trompe l'oeil shelves with some traditional books and toys or even a trompe l'oeil painted toybox.

A slightly older child or toddler would appreciate something a little more busy to grab their attention and it will help in their development as they point out and name different parts of the mural.
Perhaps the mural could include objects and animals themed around the alphabet with good use of primary and secondary colours so they can easily identify the individual elements.
Also think of the different objects they could count on the mural for example, how many red cars are there ?
A painted height chart would also add some interactivity to the scheme.

..and finally

The main consideration above all else is to remember for whom the mural will be painted.

Ensure that when discussing ideas with a prospective muralist that they are aware of any relevant interests and personal backgrounds that could be useful starting points for ideas.

These painted details do not have to be blatant as that would look too contrived and forced. For example, maybe you can trace your ancestry to an exotic part of the world and so having a plant or flower that is native to that country incorporated somehow into the mural can provide a link in a subtle way.

Astrological signs could be incorporated to signify a date of birth, this would be ideal for a nursery.

It is details such as this in a mural that will make them as unique as the individual they have been painted for.

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