Stars & Cosmic Ceilings

The effect of a glow-in-the-dark star ceiling is quite breathtaking.

By day the ceiling will look completely innocent but come nightfall the specialist paint applied to the ceiling comes alive with stars, constellations, galaxies, comets, nebulae and planets.

It creates the illusion that the entire ceiling has been removed - exposing the room to a wondrous starry sky beyond.

Drawing on my skills as a muralist and trompe l'oeil artist I can create effects such as realistic planets & moons with craters that actually look 3D, comets trailing tails of dust particles and swirling distant galaxies.

Children are fascinated by these effects and it could make the dreaded bedtime routines run a little smoother.

And why let the children have all the fun ! Anybody can have a cosmic star ceiling and will discover that drifting off to sleep under the stars is very therapeutic.

Please see my FAQ page for further details on this type of paint effect.

Have a look at my Stars Gallery or click on an image on the right hand side to see my star murals in more detail.

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