DIY SOS - Norfolk 2010

For this episode of 'DIY SOS' I was asked to paint a trompe l'oeil louvre shuttered window overlooking the lavender fields of Provence.

I painted the mural on a stairwell wall for a master bedroom and it complimented the French farmhouse theme that designer Julia Kendell created for the room.

The mural took just two long days to complete - to see more images please click on the photo below.



My associate, Gordon Collett, & myself were invited to contribute to a very special edition of BBC1's 'DIY SOS' which was broadcast in December 2009.

This time we headed off to Anglesey near the town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch to help out on the biggest project that the DIY SOS team have taken on.

diy sos

We painted a fitted wardrobe to look like the Doctor Who Tardis and as a little extra we created a glow-in-the-dark star ceiling.

diy sos

DIY SOS - Gosport 2008

diy sos

Follow the above photo-link to see more, including pictures of Gordon Collett and myself with Nick Knowles, Julia Kendell and the rest of the DIY SOS team.

60 Minute Makeover

Gordon & myself have also lended our artistic skills to three shows for ITV1's "60 Minute Makeover".

Click on the text links for Erith, Frinton & Bridgwater to see further details from including video clips.

Click on the thumbnail pictures below to see images of all three makeovers.

Thursday 8th November 07- Erith, Kent

Monday 19th November 07- Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Wednesday 5th December 07- Bridgwater, Somerset

Erith Frinton Bridgwater

The featured designer in these three shows was Julia Kendell and the presenter was Terri Dwyer.

'A House in Tuscany'

I was first contacted by Zenith Entertainment back in 2000 to see if I was interested in contributing to their 'A House in Tuscany' series. I replied positively and about a week later I was painting a Tuscany window trompe l'oeil in front of a camera.

Alan Ravenscroft, the program presenter, turned up before I started painting to film his first slot with me & a blank wall. Once we got the right take I was able to crack on and, seeing as I only had one day to complete the trompe l'oeil, I cracked on at quite a pace !

I was filmed at intervals from a camera at a fixed point so when seen in the final edit my 14 hours of frantic work was condensed into about 20 seconds ! Alan Ravenscroft popped back in the evening when I had finished painting to admire the result and film another interview segment.

When the program aired my sequence was cleverly edited to appear that I was actually painting in a villa in the heart of Tuscany - Alan even mentioned to me in the program that we pop into the local tavern for a glass of wine - in reality I drove home along the M25 in the pouring rain (& I was stuck for ages in road works).

Alan, if you happen to be reading this, I am still waiting for that glass of red : )

'Room Rivals'

I was again approached by Zenith Entertainment to appear in their 'Room Rivals' show fronted by Kathryn Rayward, John Amabile and Andy Kane (Handy Andy from 'Changing Rooms').

This time I was working on a bedroom makeover in a family home in West London. If you have watched these home makeover shows and think thay are a "bit manic", then you have no idea !

It was not a big room and once you have a camera operator, boom operator, producer, all the equipment, two interior designers, one presenter, a couple of carpenters, some runners and the odd electrician - all coming in and out of the room - things got a little cramped !

The theme of the room was 'Scandinavia' so I was painting a suitable landscape scene that was going to have real working shutters attached to it. For some of the time whilst I was painting I had a carpenter working next to me sanding down - needless to say I ended up with textured paint !

Once again, as with 'A House in Tuscany', time was always a factor and we all had just the one day to transform the room - a tall order but somehow it all came together - just don't ask me how : )

'The Great Pretenders'

This was a series of 10 minute shows produced by Multi Media Arts for Channel 4

The series focused on a different individual for each show - somebody whose line of work involves some form of faking or 'pretending' in one form or another. There were food photographers, magicians, undercover investigators and a trompe l'oeil artist - ie me !

I was very fortunate to be allowed two days filming and I did not have to travel, the production journeyed down from Manchester to film in my studio - mind you I had to feed and water them : )

The show did a speeded up segment of my painitng of a trompe l'oeil window (another Tuscany scene). I also got quite a lot to say this time as I had a full 10 minutes to fill so was able to explain a lot about the work I was doing.

Once the work was completed I was filmed for the final interview segment which I still cringe whenever I watch it.

The episode featuring myself was first broadcast on Channel 4 in May 2004 but it has been repeated numerous times so look out for it.

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